Do you take new Buyers?

Yes, we do take new buyers. However, all new buyers have to register in our website for approval to make sure we only deal with authentic retailers and businesses.

Why can’t I see the prices?

Since we are a manufacturer of a clothing business and sell to authentic retailers only, hence one has to be registered and approved to see the prices.

How often do you get new designs?

We are very motivated and dedicated to bring the best of designs. We are constantly working with our design team for innovation and releasing trendy designs which sell.

What is the minimum order?

We are a small company for a small company. Our minimum order is made to help you grow and make more sales as opposed to stock up products which might not and collect dust. You only need to purchase 6 pieces of one color for any design you want to buy.

When do you ship my order?

Our priority is to ship your order as received. However, we ship your order within 30 days the sooner the better. We do not CHARGE your card before we ship and always take your authorization.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from our warehouse located in Northridge, CA.

How do you ship?

We use UPS to ship our goods.

How do we pay for orders?

You can give us your debit/credit card while placing an order over the phone or place an order from our website. We will not charge unless you have authorized to charge the card and only before shipping the order.

Do you do terms?

As we are a small company for small company, rotation of inventory for more design is very crucial for us. We only deal on cash purchase. We take all cards and charge only when we are ready to ship.  For now, we do not do any terms.

Who will I be discussing my order with and do they speak my language?

You can place an order online anytime you need to purchase. However, if you have placed an order with one of our sales agent, he/she can be your point of contact and act as your support in English.